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My Favorite K95 Masks!

These are my favorite K95 masks so far! They let some air in around the face as all KN95 masks do, but they’re extremely comfortable and high-quality. No weird smells, no complaints. They don’t come individually wrapped, but they’re well worth the price. I trust them more than anything on Amazon! Plus, they’re stylish!

KN95 Face Mask | Blue Bear Protection

THE mask to own!

Having tried cloth masks in the beginning of the pandemic to paper masks with lots of gaps, I tried these. I loved them! They are comfortable (more so than others I have tried) and durable too. Then I made the mistake of buying a non-Blue Bear brand that looked similar. These were not KN95 masks. They were tight and uncomfortable. So, it was back to Blue Bear for the real thing, KN95 masks. I will not buy anything else again no matter how seemingly cheap the cost. Thank you Blue Bear for a great product!

Covid tests

Good product
Received in a timely manner


We haven't used the masks yet, since we still had some. These were ordered as backup, since we're not sure how long we will need to wear masks to be safe.
They seem really comfortable, and I do believe I will like them. I tried one on to s the fit on my face, and it fits very well.

Works great

Fits tight and snug and I feel protected with these. I love the soft nose clip. I do have a smaller head and these fit well, so I do not recommend them for larger heads. They did not fit my husband.

makrite 9500 n95 masks

great masks thanks for keeping us safe


Received in a timely manner. Good product.

These are great masks, and fit me the best. Any chance these masks can be created in different colors? Black is great, but maybe switch it up?!

Highly Recommend and the Real Deal

I did a lot of research 🧐 prior to ordering KN95 masks. Blue Bear were the only masks (that I could find) that are 💯 authentic KN95 grade. Sadly, There are so many fake replicas out there. Great snug fit ( although the Blue masks fit my face better), comfortable, yet feels protected and safe. I have been wearing these since close to the beginning of the pandemic and have not gotten Covid!!! Highly recommended!!!!

Blue Bear Triple Ply / 3 Ply Disposable Face Masks
Charles D.

Good, comfortable masks at a reasonable price

Satisfied Customer

The mask makes me feel safe and it is really comfortable.

Reasonable Price For The Best Fitting Mask

Most comfortable and best fitting mask purchased so far over the Covid period.

ProSport Nanotec Mask w/ KN95 Filter
Cristy W.
Good Fit

I really like this mask. I can actually breathe and it has adjustments for your ears to make the mask tighter/looser.

ProSport Nanotec Mask w/ KN95 Filter
Lightweight and Breathable

I am looking for breathable masks for the start of a new school year and took this Blue Bear mask on a test run at the grocery store. It was easy to breathe and fit well. I plan on buying several more.

KN95 Face Mask | Blue Bear Protection

Great mask1

We have had a great experience with these mask.

Peace of Mind

I can rely on Blue Bear Protection for quality masks not only for the adults in my family but also for the kids. These masks have the code that shows that they are in compliance with regulations and that gives me peace of mind. Thank you!

K95 Masks

I love these masks. They are comfortable to wear when working out as well as for long periods of time. They are a really good fit as well. I have ordered from BlueBear a few times already and its always a seamless process. Great Company Great Product

great for smaller faces

These masks don't ride up into my eyelids like all of the other masks I've tried. We've been using them since Omicron Covid variants first hit the US, and we still haven't gotten Covid, even on a number of flights, including long international ones on which barely anyone was masked. Thank you, Blue Bear. We appreciate you.

The Best

love the way the mask fits and it makes me feel more protected

ProSport Nanotec Mask w/ KN95 Filter
Glenda C.

ProSport Nanotec Mask w/ KN95 Filter

Blue Bear Triple Ply / 3 Ply Disposable Face Masks
Annelise F.

They fit wonderful

Eco Mask

I really like the Eco Mask, it is very comfortable and fits perfectly.