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Kids KN95
Joseph C.

Kids KN95

Makrite Sekura N95 40-Pack

Works Great

We bought these masks last year when my high school student needed a mask to play baseball. Between that and working out he loved them. He is now wearing them to school everyday. I even switched over to wear one everyday at work since we are required to now.
Easy to breath in and comfortable to wear all day long.

Overall: 4.9
Extremely comfortable, easy to adjust.
Blue Bear sent us free KN95 masks because we questioned the details presented by Amazon about another Blue Bear order. That's an ethical approach.
The only Minor negative is that the metal nose adjuster strip on the mask split fairly easily. However, these masks are not mean to be work over and over again.
Buy Blue Bear masks!

Company Performance

Great company to do business with. Five stars don't do it justice.

Makrite 9500-N95 Masks 20-Packs


N95 is not a comfortable mask. But if it works, its worth it.

Great quality!

I continue to oder from Blue Bear because they sell great products and well worth waiting for.

sports mask

Good fit. Decided to order the larger size after receiving my initial shipment.

Double up

Create a double care resistance


Good tight fit. Relatively comfortable. I feel confident wearing them in high-risk interactions, like the high school classroom in which I teach.

Quality product

The masks are a good quality. I prefer the straps to go around my ears after trying this type. Also the cup was a little small for my adult sons face but I bought them for me.

KN95 masks…so comfortable!

Originally bought for long airline flight- so easy to breathe while feeling protected.

Great Masks and Service, Long Shipping

I ordered 20 black KN95 masks and they are just as I expected them to be. They're a little tight around the ears, so if that bothers you consider getting an attachment for around your head. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because the shipping took a really long time. It took a little over two weeks to get mine and the tracking for the shipping didn't work. That being said, the customer support team was really friendly and helpful when I reached out!

KN95 Masks

Fits my face very nicely and comfortable.

Great mask!

I love the fit of the mask and feel protected wearing it. It conforms but is not at all uncomfortable. I prefer the tight fit myself.

Great fit

These masks fit better than any I’ve tried’

My favorite mask

I have used lots of different masks and done research for making my own cloth masks since the beginning of covid, and this is the best of any I've had. Of course, it is N95, so it is more protective, but it is also extremely comfortable. It is much less noticeable to wear than the traditional half-sphere shape of other N95s, due to the well-designed shape as well as the quality of the material that is next to your skin. The over-the-head elastic works great, and the nose-bridge part has a very comfortable, thick layer of foam. I got these to wear while flying, and I have also started wearing them to work. They are easy to breathe in, especially when compared to the multiple-layer cloth masks I was making out of cotton and silk. I hang or store them in a bag between uses and re-use up to 5 times, and they hold up well. They fold flat, so they work very well for travel. I highly recommend.

Safe and Secure

I feel much more secure going out in public now that I have this mask. It is comfortable to wear for long periods and fits good around my face. I will be recommending it to my friends and neighbors.

Nanotec Filter Refill <br><i>for ProSport Masks</i>

Kids KN95
Ashley P.
Great for my kiddos

These masks fit my 6 year olds great! They ship pretty quickly and you don’t have to worry about the quality, unlike some masks you order on other websites. I’ve made multiple purchases here and will not shop anywhere else for masks for my family.

So glad I bought these masks!

I feel much more secure with these N95 masks. For both my husband and myself, they create a secure, gap-less seal all around the nose and mouth, a feature I know is very important. I like that they’re sturdy and can be used more than once. And best of all I find them much more comfortable to breathe through than the cloth masks I had been wearing before. I see people all the time fussing with masks that are constantly slipping down. That just doesn’t happen with these masks. I will happily buy these again.

Good product

I feel safer now that I have received my N95 masks from Blue Bear protection. I'm vaccinated and boosted, but I'm 75 years old and want to be able to go out in public without putting myself at great risk. Now I can.

Better N95

This is the first N95 mask I bought that had head loops.
Fits much more securely than ear loops.
Roomy molded construction makes breathing easier.


With omicron raging, I feel safest wearing a mask like this over the cloth ones I've been wearing most of the pandemic. It's comfortable and I have no problems wearing them all day at work