Sourcing Our Products

When we came together to set our values as a team, we knew our central pillar must be producing high quality PPE goods at an affordable cost. We work across the board to ensure that these highest quality goods will not be a burden on your family so that you can practice safety without compromise. When it comes to sourcing the highest quality PPE products for our customers, we take it very seriously. 

We are proud to say that Blue Bear personally visits each and every factory we buy from. We examine all of their credentials including FDA certificates, if they have them. At this time all our suppliers are medical device facilities making FDA approved and listed medical masks. However, since medical masks are reserved only for medical workers, we buy non-medical versions of the same masks, produced in the same factory. We have over 1,200 people on the ground and we have a dedicated QC team to make sure we get what we pay for, and compliance is verified by us at each step.

Separately, we have independent tests done on our masks by US laboratories, which can be found here. We have known about bogus FDA “registrations” from the beginning of the coronavirus crisis and have diligently steered clear of any of those vendors, even though they are invariably much cheaper.

  • Blue Bear personally visits each and every factory we buy from to verify USA Rated compliance at each step, so no duplicates enter our supply chain.
  • Blue Bear personally examines all product credentials including FDA/EPA certificates, we stand behind the quality of the products we provide.

Additionally, all Blue Bear products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if you are unsatisfied with your products, we will refund or replace your items for you. 

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