KN95 Face Masks, Black, 20 PCs, Filter Efficiency ≥95%, Lightweight Breathable Safety Masks for Men and Women

A stylish, comfortable black KN95 face mask for up to 12 hours of wear. These disposable, non-medical adult masks are affordable, easy to wear, and filter out 95% of particles in the air, so you can go about your day with confidence, style, and comfort. Our certified authentic KN95 face masks  and meet or exceed CDC recommendations for masks that help protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses.


95% Filtration

Our black KN95 respirators are industrial grade, four-ply, protective face masks that capture at least 95% of airborne particles to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful pathogens. In addition, our black KN95 masks capture particles that you exhale when you breathe, talk, cough, or sneeze to help prevent the spread of contagious, airborne viruses like COVID-19. 


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4 Powerful Layers of Protection

Our black KN95 mask protects you with 4 layers of materials, including two-non-woven cloth layers and two melt-blown layers, designed for filtration efficiency and breathability. The protective layers include:

  • a non-woven outer layer that repels fluids to protect you from infection,
  • an antimicrobial colloidal cotton layer that absorbs moisture to prevent you from infecting others,
  • a hot contact cotton layer that filters pm 2.5 particles, and
  • an activated carbon layer that removes odors, pollutants, and VoCs.


While woven fabrics can allow tiny particles to pass through, the melt-blown manufacturing process converts polymers directly into extremely small fibers capable of filtering out pathogens. The melt-blown layers are the part of the mask that stops the virus in its tracks. 


Lightweight & Breathable

Each black KN95 respirator is constructed to give you maximum comfort, breathability, and protection. The lightweight construction and breathable material provides a snug, but comfortable fit that keeps you protected all day long without getting in your way.



Secure and Comfortable Adult Face Masks

Our black KN95 masks provide comfort and security for up to 12 hours of wear. Each adult face mask features an adjustable nose bridge and elastic ear loops to achieve the perfect fit for your comfort and protection. For effective protection, KN95 masks should completely cover the nose, mouth, and chin without gaps on the sides of the face or at the nose. One size fits most adults.


No Mask Acne

Your skin will thank you when you opt for our KN95 face masks. The smooth interior reduces friction that can chafe and irritate your face and lets your skin breathe to help prevent dreaded mask acne, or maskne. Our masks fit seamlessly with an adjustable nose bridge so you do not need to constantly readjust, which can cause more skin-irritating friction. Plus, an antimicrobial layer inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps keep your mask odorless and fresh, even after hours of use.


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Why Blue Bear?

Blue Bear Protection provides high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) at reasonable prices, so that everyone can afford to feel safe. We are an American company with deep roots in design and manufacturing across the globe. We leverage this expertise to manufacture and source the safest possible products, which offer the highest standards of protection.


Verified to Meet the Highest Standards for Quality and Effectiveness

Your health and safety are important to us, so we do not just rely on data from our manufacturers. We thoroughly examine all product credentials including FDA and EPA certificates to ensure they meet our standards for quality and effectiveness, and we personally visit every factory we buy from to verify US-rated compliance at every step. In addition, Blue Bear Protection recently hired an independent laboratory to test our disposable face masks, and the results showed that our masks filtered out 99.56% of all particulate matter.


Quality at Affordable Prices

When we came together to set our values as a team, we knew our central pillar must be producing high quality PPE goods at an affordable cost. We work across the board to ensure that these highest quality goods will not be a burden on your family so that you can practice safety without compromise.


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Available on our website and on Amazon. Get yours now!

We are Doing Our Part

As we fight to battle this unprecedented global health crisis, Blue Bear Protection is donating 10% of all profits directly to charities on the frontlines, including the American Red Cross, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Direct Relief, and Feeding America.



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